OAK WOODLAND by Walker Warner Architects

Located in a magnificent, park-like setting filled with mature, 80-foot oak trees, this residence exemplifies how design can reconcile historic context, building constraints, and functionality, resulting in a cohesive and harmonious outcome. The home’s transparency and relationship to the land reflects the site’s expansiveness – from the formal entry that allows guests to immediately experience the natural setting through seamless indoor-outdoor connections to the glass-enclosed stairwell that offers awe-inspiring views of the surrounding tree line. The building is sited to enjoy views of the adjacent open space preserve with the core of the site dedicated to outdoor entertaining and activities. The second story serves as a privacy buffer from neighbors. Reflective of forms prominent in the California rural landscape, the rooflines are stretched asymmetrically to protect the interiors from hot summers, while thoughtful siting works with the sun’s movement throughout the day.



Kua Bay Residence by Walker Warner Architects

2020-10-1 14:54:06


Foothills by Adam Jordan Architecture

2020-10-1 14:55:23

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