Kua Bay Residence by Walker Warner Architects

Situated along a rugged stretch of coastline, the family retreat embraces the spirit of Mauka-Makai—the symbolic flow of lava from mountain to sea—through its direct connections to the volcanic landscape and dramatic vistas of the Pacific Ocean. The house unfolds as a series of curated experiences. The entry on the mountain side of the property is cut into the lava field to limit its visual impact and establish privacy from surrounding neighbors. The main hale seamlessly frames the ocean with expansive floor-to-ceiling retractable glass doors and wood screens, intended to soften harsh sunlight and provide relief from trade winds without obstructing views. With clean lines, large openings and simple geometries, the horizontal structure mirrors the ocean’s horizon and provides an elegant transition from lava to sea.

“A delicate response to the landscape, the house is meticulously detailed to thoughtfully transition between the natural and manmade, interior to exterior, and heavy and light.”—AIA Honolulu Jurors’ Comment



MOUNTAIN WOOD by Walker Warner Architects

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OAK WOODLAND by Walker Warner Architects

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