Lake Balaton Hotel & Wellness – Hungary by Piero Lissoni

Situated 100 km from Budapest, Lake Balaton is one of the principal holiday destinations for residents of the Hungarian capital. Most of the resorts along its shoreline open just for the high season, but in this case the client wanted to realize a hotel that could draw visitors all year round, introducing elements that could attract during the winter months. The choice focused on wellness, the promotion of physical and mental wellbeing, which led to the inclusion of a centre for natural medicine and a large spa.
The various structures are well integrated into nature, employing traditional construction techniques and wood cladding. The form of the hotel is determined by the triangular lot where three buildings have been developed around a garden incorporating swimming pools and water features. One of the buildings accommodates the wellness centre, while the other two house the 88 rooms.
The architecture is inspired by the typical houses of the area and feature pitched roofs, while the spirit recalls the harmony and sustainability present in the architecture of the traditional Japanese ryokan.


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