Marmont by Cera Stribley

Marmont presents a collection of seven bespoke townhouses designed to evoke a sense of individuality. Each townhouse has three large bedrooms, a double garage, large open plan living areas and a generous rear yard.

Purchasers have the opportunity to include a small residential lift to make living in these homes just that little bit easier. Set within the residential hinterland of Mont Albert, it was important that while creating a multi-residential product, we maintain that notion of ‘my house’.

From concept initiation, the design team looked to Mont Albert’s abundant greenery.

Subtle, soft curves are employed throughout the project, reflecting this element of nature while bringing a unique design aesthetic to the project. There is a strong relationship to Japanese minimalism in our design. Clean lines and minimal variation in materiality results in a strong and more defined architectural form. This notion of Japanese minimalism is further defined by the stepped access way to all dwellings where we are proposing large stepping concrete pads reminiscent of traditional Japanese gardens.


Domenic Cerantonio, Chris Stribley, Adam Gordon


Harvey Street by Cera Stribley

2021-2-12 17:26:26


Serene Kew by Cera Stribley

2021-2-12 17:27:59

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