Happy Valley Road House by Faulkner Architects

Stretched along a south facing hillside in San Francisco’s East Bay, this permanent residence for a family of four is planned to allow extended visits by family and friends. Arrival by car winds below the house up the slope to a concealed courtyard between the house and hillside. A gradually unfolding entry experience weaves its way back toward the light and view to Mount Diablo through a concrete and glass one story main floor living space. A cedar rain screen clads a second story of family bedrooms.


Faulkner Architects私人住宅美国

Lookout House by Faulkner Architects

2020-10-24 0:08:21

Faulkner Architects私人住宅美国

Creek House by Faulkner Architects

2020-10-24 0:28:38

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